What is a Super Yacht?

A super yacht is a very expensive professional crewed vessel (either powered or sail) over 24 meters in length.

What is the Super Yacht Industry?

The super yacht industry generates in the vicinity of 40 Billion Aud per year in a wide range of professions including construction, support, berthing, supply and most importantly crewing, just to name a few.

There are 150,000 + people currently employed on Super yachts worldwide.

There are more than 4500 Super yachts currently operating, with this number rapidly increasing each year.

The opportunities within the industry are limited only by your perceptions.

Where do the Super Yachts operate?

Predominantly in Europe, (roughly 50%). However, if there is ocean then there is a good chance that a super yacht has been there.

What would I do?

Typical roles for people working directly on Super yachts include Stewardess, Deckhand, Engineer, Officer, Captain, and Chefs and on larger Super yachts, known as Mega Yachts, there are fulltime roles for security, Helicopter Pilots even Doctors and Nurses.

What experience do I need?

This is largely dependent on what role you wish to fill. The more senior roles require relevant experience and qualifications. The junior roles require a great attitude, a willingness to get the job done and to learn.

What qualifications do I need?

This will depend on the position you are employed to fill.

Entry level wages can start from 2000 Euro per month, which increase dramatically as you become more qualified.

Salaries can also vary significantly from boat to boat depending on the size, cruising itinerary, private v Charter, to name a few variables.

What hours will I work?

Working on a Super yacht is not for the faint hearted. When the boat is in “guest on” mode then the hours can be very long and very arduous.

The hours required are generally decided by the Captain and is dependent on what the movements of the boat owner are.

During off season periods or down time the crew can expect to have a relatively normal working week which allows for a lot of time to explore the beautiful areas that the Super yachts industry operates within.

When are the seasons?

The med season is typically from May through to September, however job seekers should be prepped and ready to start seeking work from March / April.

The Caribbean season can start as early as November / December and stretches through to March / April.

Where do I need to be to secure employment?

If seeking work in Europe then you need to be based in Southern France (Antibes)or Palma Majorca in Palma.

If seeking work in the Caribbean then Fort Lauderdale in Florida is a good place to start.

How do I register?

Simply follow our CREW Register tabs

Why should I register with Infinity Yachting?

By completing our Registration completely, we can identify that you are ready to go, so when our vast network of employers contact us, we can put you forward with confidence.

How will Infinity Yachting help me find a job?

We will use our vast knowledge and network of contacts within the industry to help match the right person with the right Super yacht.

Taking a leap of faith and leaving your comfortable life to join the exotic world of Super yachting
can be extremely daunting. Our staff have been there and done it for many years and are here to guide you through the turbulent times.

What is the differe nce between Infinity Yachting and other recruitment agencies?

We have the contacts to find you work. If you have the right attitude and are ready to go, then we will go the length to find you employment.

What Visa’s do I require?

Most Captains or Chief Stewardess’s will enlighten you as to what Visa’s are required for their vessel. Most of which are easily obtainable once you have secured your position.

What can I expect from the industry?

The Super yacht industry is not for everyone.

You must make a lot of sacrifices to join this crazy industry and be willing to put in some tough hours / days / months.


If you are willing to maintain the right attitude and work hard when required then you can expect to be working with Amazing people for Amazing people, travelling on amazing vessels to amazing places. Not to mention the capability to earn amazing salaries.