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The team at Infinity Yachting have unrivalled, relevant and respected experience in the Superyacht Industry.

This vast experience will ensure that whether you are a Superyacht looking for your next asset (crew member) or a crew member looking for your next opportunity to shine, we will be with you every step of the way.

Please contact our friendly team to discuss how we can assist you in fulfilling your recruitment requirements.

Mission Statement


The team at Infinity Yachting Pty Ltd is passionate about the Superyacht industry.



We live this passion by offering our professional yet personal service that sources crew with the right attitude and experience.


We have enjoyed all that the industry has to offer and our mission is to pass on the opportunity to others, so they can begin or continue on their own amazing Superyachting journey.


We are a professional Superyacht crew recruitment company that matches great people with great opportunities on great Superyachts.


We use our vast knowledge, experience and connections within the industry to ensure that the process of filling a crew position is made easy for all involved.


All candidates are screened, interviewed and most importantly, deemed suitable for the relevant employment opportunity.


We understand the pressures of running a Superyacht and are here to make the process of recruiting new crew as effortless as possible.


We are here to guide crew into the position of their dreams whether is be on a 40m or 140m Superyacht….we do it all!

Our Team


Amber Migro
Crew Agent

[email protected]

Amber joined the Yachting Industry in 2006 and spent 9 years working on Superyachts. 

With experience up to the role of Chief Stewardess on yachts up to 75m over the years, she has sound knowledge and experience, and knows exactly what qualifications, experience and dedication is needed to become a yacht crewmember.

From early in her yachting career, Amber had always entertained the idea of becoming a crew agent. When offered an opportunity to join Infinity Yachting, she jumped at the chance.

“Living and absolutely loving the yachting industry, I wanted to assist other crew in finding their dream job.  I secretly love to help green crew into positions as joining your first yacht and experiencing your first season is such an eye opening experience, and I love to be a part of that journey. Yachting can open many doors – an amazing career, lifelong memories, a chance to experience different cultures, extensive cruising and finding life long friendships.”

Amber is a friendly, honest and approachable team member.  Sensitive and honest, she will always put the interests of Crew, Captains and Yacht owners first.  Making sure there is the most perfect match possible is absolutely crucial to both parties. This is what she strives for always with her crew placement.


Crew Agent

[email protected]

Originally from Australia, Shelby has worked in the industry since 2013 on deck.

Three years on a highly regarded 110m, followed by Boson and Deckhand positions on 50m+ world cruising yachts has left Shelby with an expanded knowledge of the industry.

Her fun and positive nature, teamed with her work ethic has left a strong network of crew and guests.

Shelby knows first hand what yachts are looking for, what works and what it takes to succeed in the industry.

What she calls her ‘A Team’ apart from experienced deck crew, includes Professional Surfers, Gun Fisherman, Carpenters, Boat Builders, Divemasters, Chamois Masters and generally just legends who work hard.

Aside from working in the Yachting industry she has set up small businesses, worked for McTavish Surfboards, is an experienced Casino Croupier, surfs daily and is a self proclaimed nerd.

“I want to find a Captain the right candidate who fits in with their crew and operation. Lining up that dream yacht job is extremely rewarding. Yachting to me is providing guests with that unique experience and that comes down to placing the right crew.”


Peta Wallace-Harrison

Peta started her Yachting career in 2005 and had the opportunity to experience a huge range of employment opportunities.

This includes the roles of Stewardess aboard both Charter and Private vessels, Yacht Chef to a Princess, and a villa staff member in a private Sardinian Villa.

Peta has recently returned to the Byron Bay region to raise her 2 young children and continue her love of all things yachting via Infinity Yachting Pty Ltd.

Peta’s involvement and knowledge of the Superyacht industry is enhanced with her husband still employed within the European Superyacht industry.

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