Tattoos in the Superyacht Industry

Each year the Superyacht Industry grows and at the same time more people today more than ever have at least one tattoo. Most of the crew I have worked with over the years have tattoos. In fact one Chief Officer I know got the Antibes postcode tattooed on him. He may have regretted that one, but also, he is a Chief Officer and still worked his way up the chain covered with tattoos. Some boats will not hire crew with visible tattoos, generally though it is becoming more relaxed across the industry. If you have a tattoo read on! As it is not the end of your yachting career.

Who decides?

The Owner will advise the Management Company and Captain of their preference.

Should I write on my resume that I have tattoos?

Yes, by not wasting anyones time get it out in the open. Define if they are visible or non visible with a uniform on.

Will I get a job with a tattoo?

It’s not the end of your yachting career before it has started if you have a tattoo/s. If you are new to the industry don’t run out and get a sleeve. As a Deckhand or Stewardess new to the industry securing the first position is always the hardest. As you build experience having tattoos becomes of less importance if you are good at your job. If you are dockwalking or going for an interview it is best to cover them up by wearing a long sleeve polo or trousers. Just until they have sussed you out without being distracted by your body art.