Starting out in the Yachting Industry

Many people start in the yachting industry thinking they will just do it for one summer season. Eight years later, those very same people are now Captains and Chief Stews and showing no signs of slowing down. Talk to most yachties and you’ll find out most had planned to do it for only one year but the allure of the travel, the money and the lifestyle keep their feet firmly planted on boats.


Getting into Yachting


There is usually an abundance of eager green crew looking to get their start in yachting at the beginning of each summer season. Often, junior crew can easily be found by the Captains and Heads of Departments (HODs) through online sources and by way of recommendations of friends; so do not necessarily need to be placed by an agent. Networking, gaining extra qualifications, and actively getting out there and looking can help green/junior crew get their CV ahead of others. Once you have that first season of experience under your belt, a whole world of opportunities opens up.


The hours and the physical work and the regulations can come as a bit of a surprise to some new crew but asking other crew about yacht life and doing your research will have you well prepared for the demands of crew life.

Longevity Matters


As tempting as it is for new crew to want to jump ship and explore a lot of different boats in quick succession, staying on your first boat and completing your first season is ideal. You could argue that working on many boats gives you a good overview of how different boats are run and the pros and cons of those; but in the long run – proven longevity matters to the people hiring. Knowing that you won’t jump ship the second things aren’t perfect can mean a lot to captains and HODs.


Given, there are also times where it is not smart to stay onboard and leaving is the only choice. Always explain your reason for leaving to your crew agent – we’re all ex-yachties here at Infinity Yachting and understand that sometimes it’s not wise or safe to stay in your current position.


Yachting as a Career


Often, crew join yachting and realise that it is the dream job that they never knew existed. They love the crew they work with, they love seeing the world while getting paid to do it, and they’re good at what they do. Once you’ve worked on a boat, it can be hard to find a career as amazing on land. These days, both men and women can remain in the yachting industry and pursue a career in Engineering, becoming a Captain, Chief Stew, Head Chef, becoming a Purser, Spa Manager, Dive Master, and many more. The possibilities are endless.