From Bondi Beach To Super Yachts

What would you do if you were given the chance to train the crew of a Super Yacht based in Costa Rica? Yeah, the decision wasn’t hard to make for the guys from Pro Guarding Water Safety either.

Leaving Bondi Beach far behind, the Pro Guarding team travelled to meet the crew of Super Yacht, Step 1. Armed with new rescue and medical equipment, as well as developing a training course designed specifically for the crew, the Pro Guarding team were ready to implement their four day medical bootcamp onboard Step 1.

The first 2 days of the course were dedicated to medical theory and practice and the last two days was focused on intensive water safety training. Combining the medical and the water safety components of the course, the Step 1 crew were then put through a host of high pressure scenarios utilising all the medical and rescue equipment, and needless to say, the crew were put through their paces.

They were trained in Jet Ski recues with rescue sleds; conscious and unconscious patient pick-ups; as well as spinal patient emergencies. The Pro Guarding team also introduced rescue tubes, floating spinal boards and spinal collars into the mix to demonstrate the new medical techniques and technologies that all crew members should be aware of in an emergency situation.

By the end of the four day course, the Step 1 crew walked away with six certified medical certificates provided by the Pro Guarding team, as well as the confidence to know that they were now equipped to carry out any medical emergency that may arise onboard the Super Yacht or in the water.

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