Crew Life during Covid19

The yachting industry has been affected by the Covid19 situation, perhaps more than people anticipated would happen. Many crew members have found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly unemployed. Stuck in their home countries, they’ve been unable to fly back to their boat and have lost their job. In other instances, the owner has decided this is a good time to cut costs and has opted to run on skeleton crew.


On the other hand, we’ve learnt that yachties are perfectly trained to live Covid style. Yacht crew are already conditioned when it comes to not being able to leave their home onboard for weeks on end, staying away from family members and buying items in bulk. However, the need to quarantine onboard, with no end date to when crew will be able to see family and friends again, will have a flow-on effect.


With many crew members’ leave being temporarily or permanently cancelled, we’re anticipating a substantial amount of crew to ‘jump ship’ when they can finally fly home, after a period of not being able to get off the boat. This will in turn open up positions for crew who were let go due to Covid19 and haven’t been able to find work since.


Whether you’re on a boat waiting out the season until you can have guests on again, or you’re at home waiting for international borders to open, up-skilling will always help strengthen your CV. If you can, use this time to take an online course and add qualifications to your CV. If it looks like you’ve put in time and money with the desire to progress (or start) in the yachting industry, then your CV will stand out from the crowd and put you ahead of the pack.

Online Courses to Consider


  • Microsoft Office – when you get to Head of Department positions, a good knowledge of Word and Excel is often vital
  • People Management & Leadership Style courses – it’s finding that fine line between being professional whilst managing crew and still being their friend on the weekend that makes yachting unique. Having skills to manage people correctly can make all the difference
  • First Aid – this is a great skill to have at any time during the period of your life but especially onboard
  • PDSD (Proficiency in Designated Security Duties) – not only will it help you should a security related incident occur onboard; some boats now require you to have it
  • Videography, Photography and Editing – boats love having crew members with extra skills, and these are some very handy skills to have; as equipment onboard becomes more high-tech, many boats have drones and crew strive to make each charter trip unforgettable
  • Laundry – Source Training have created an online Foundation Laundry course that you can do in the comfort of your own home, with a specialised Cleaning Course to be launched within the next few weeks


Make sure you have updated your CV with your new skills and then send your CV to us at [email protected]