5 Tips on getting a Couple’s Job in Yachting

Are you wondering about couple’s positions in yachting and if there’s any chance of working together?

You may have been planning to do yachting solo and coincidentally meet the man of your dreams three months prior and then they decide to be a part of the adventure – it happens! Or maybe you’re both seasoned yachties on separate boats and it’s been a #couplegoal for the two of you for a while now.

Either way, it is possible. You will both just need the right attitude and perseverance to find work together in the yachting industry.


1. Apply for jobs Individually

If you don’t have any yachting experience apply for jobs individually at first – think of this as a stepping stone to the couple’s job.

There is a much better chance of you getting a foot in the door if you both get a job separately in the beginning. The industry is competitive and couples positions are in high demand. Most likely if you have no experience onboard and have not been in a relationship for over a year the chance of getting your first job on a yacht will be fairly slim. This stepping stone is what a lot of couples I know had to do in the beginning to work together.  Something important to remember is that you need to be prepared from the beginning to make compromises. From your ideal positions onboard to crew cabin arrangements.


2. Put your partner forward as a Candidate

Once you have developed a good working relationship on your first boat then you can try and put your partner forward as a candidate once a position becomes available. Job turnover is higher than a usual job so you can expect positions to become available after most seasons or at least once a year. It would be good to also make sure not everyone knows everything about you and your partner’s relationship. From a Head of Department’s point of view, if you hear the relationship could be the slightest bit unsteady it is unlikely they will want to bring your partner onboard. The less drama onboard the better!


3. Get matching CVs

When applying for your first superyacht job, keep your yachting CVs separate. Having your CV separate will look more professional and that you are serious the position. Once you have some experience onboard and are looking to take the next step, then you will want to have CVs which mirror each other. Both CVs will have the same layout/formatting/style and correct length of time you have been in the relationship for.


4. Have strong References

The boat will want to know that you have a strong relationship and if you have worked together before. It would be good to be armed with answers and to have a strong reference that can back this up. So think about this before you start applying together as you will need to be convincing.


5. Apply for every Job

When you have experience in yachting you should be applying for every job available, not just couple’s jobs. You never know what opportunities the boat may have when they look at your CV. If they like you as a candidate and you say you are looking for a couple’s position; it’s better to be honest and put it out there to see if you have any luck!

When you are looking for a couple position it’s important to make sure you both know the goal, to get a job on the same boat. If you understand you may be working separately for a while but keep focused on that goal of working together it will make more sense when times get a little tough when you’re without them.

Courtesy of www.theseaworthystew.com