What qualifications do I need?

The minimum requirements for all seafarers include the STCW95 certificate and ENG1 medical.

There are a vast number of other qualifications that can be attained and are required depending on the position you are seeking.

Please ask our friendly Infinity staff should you require some assistance finding a training facility near you.

Learn more about the STCW95 certificate


What is it?
An STCW is an acronym for “Standards of Training & Certification for Watchkeepers”
167 Member Nations of the International Maritime Organizations (IMO) are signatories to this international agreement.
Each nation has its own regulator, who enforces the laws of that nation, which are designed to meet the STCW and other conventions under the IMO
This course is often referred to STCW95 or STCW10 because of the major changes to it in the year 1995 and 2010
You will need the MCA Approved STCW 10

Do I need it?
If you intend on working on Superyachts overseas, then yes you do. It is a mandatory entry level requirement for anyone who wishes to work as a seafarer internationally.

How much is it?
Here in Australia it is approximately 2000 AUD
In Antibes it is approx. 1199 EUR
In Fort Lauderdale approx. $895 USD

How long is it?
It is usually a 5-day course
Day 1 & 2 will cover Personal Survival Techniques
Day 3 Marine First Aid
Day 4 Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
Day 4 Fire Training

Where can I do it?
There are many places you can do it here in Australia and overseas.
In Australia, the majority of establishments are in NSW and QLD, but please let us know where you are based and we can help you find the one closest to you!

Learn more about the ENG1 medical.


What is it?
An ENG 1 is a medical certificate you require if you are a seafarer, in charge of a ship or serving on a merchant ship or yacht. It is to prove that you are in a fit condition to work on board.
This ENG 1 Certificate must be issued by an approved doctor for the MCA and will be valid for 2 years

Where can I do it?
You can do your ENG 1 in three places here in Australia or various places worldwide.
Please contact us on [email protected] for more information on doctors in Australia and elsewhere.

How much does it cost?
Costs can vary between places, but generally between $100-$200 AUD

What should I bring?
-You should bring your photo ID, i.e. passport, Drivers License etc
-Previous medical certificate if you have one.
-Your local doctors name & contact details.
-Any medication you’re currently taking.
-Any glasses or contact lenses

What’s Involved?

An ENG 1 will usually include:
Measuring your height and weight
A hearing test
A test for seeing colour
Ear/throat examination
Teeth/Gum inspection
Questions on your medical condition & drinking habits
Testing your reflexes
Listening to you heart & lungs

This can take approximately 30 min and if you pass, your certificate will be issued immediately.