Jenny’s Super Yacht Adventures

So, my friend said “let’s do it”!! It’ll be fun!!

Meanwhile, I’m not so sure………..

I’ve got a steady job working in recruitment, a car, personal commitments, weddings to go to PLUS, I’m in my comfy zone!

I like it here.

It’s comfy.

But I have always wanted to travel……………………


And she does make working on Super Yachts sound so amazing……………

But I’m happy here. Aren’t I? I’m sure I am.  Yeah. I am.

But maybe I’m not………

So I call my parents.


They always have the answer.

They’re always right. Right?

It’s like I know what my Dad will say. He’ll ask a million questions, that I won’t have the answers for. He will make sure I have all my T’s crossed and I’s dotted, and he will make me realize that it’s all a bit silly and I’m better off staying put and trudging along……… my comfy zone.

I tell my Dad that my friend has this crazy idea! (I mean, she has done it before so it’s not so crazy, but good old Dad will think it’s crazy!)


She says that working on Super Yachts is an amazing opportunity, I will love it and she will help me. She will travel with me to Italy and we will will stay with one of her friends (on a small sailboat in Syracuse). We will relax for a week, see the sights then head up to Antibes in the South of France, where I will get my STCW (a certificate needed if you want to work on boats), she will do another course that she is interested in and she will help register me with the recruitment agencies.

There is no guarantee that we will find work but it sounds like an adventure!

Dad pauses after I tell him my thoughts.

I can hear his mind working overtime and I start to relax.

But then he says, “Just do it”.



To Be Continued……………………


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